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Joining the Agency

There are two different options for working with Universal Arts:

Option 1.
Edinburgh Festival Fringe Client

We hire on your behalf the best possible theatre space for the duration of the festival and co-ordinate much of your festival administration.

As our festival clients we find accommodation, submit tax forms to the UK tax department, appoint and oversee the work of a PR agent (paid by you separately) who will represent you from June onwards, seek out promotional opportunities for you and overseeing the distribution of your marketing material (we can organise printing in the UK if this is more cost-effective for you than printing and shipping from your countries).  The fee for this Option is dependent on the size of show while other costs for administration will be agreed in advance as per a written budget.

Typically the theatre rental fee will include the following:
Theatre hire for your slot time. General lighting cover (specials lights that only you use and are positioned precisely for your needs will be hired at cost and hung for you, subject to prior agreement with a venue technical director) Minimum of 4-hours of get-in at the start of the festival for your technical rehearsal.

Option 2.
International agents

After we have seen a performance, either prior to the festival or in Edinburgh we can discuss the possibility of acting as your international agents to sell your production to festival and theatre programmers from around the world. Our standard representation period covers the touring life of the production and is typically five years.

For more information please phone (+44 131) 478 0195 or e-mail: admin@universal-arts.co.uk

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