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New Town Theatre

Built between 1910 and 1912 to architect A. Hunter Crawford's (1865-1945) design, the Grand Lodge of Scotland is adapted for theatrical purposes during the Fringe while retaining the essence of its history, beauty and magnificence.

The outside of the building is unmissable with its canopy covering the pavement, large displays, publicity boards and exterior flood lighting. The Box office is situated in the foyer of the building with ample space for displaying publicity material on the ground floor. In the foyer, and outside, we have a comfortable café-bar.

We provide all the basic theatre facilities: staging, seating, basic lighting and sound. Please remember that these spaces are temporary theatres so plans may vary from year to year and are subject to licensing modifications. More detailed information is available upon request.

Within the New Town Theatre we create three theatres, the largest with an audience capacity of 350 and the smallest with 60 seats.

A comfortable performance space for larger scale productions with 300 raked seats plus balcony.  It is ideal for all types of theatrical and dance productions.  It has an end-on stage of 8m by 8m, with wings and 5m clearance.  There are two large changing rooms with showers and toilets situated back stage.

A more intimate, (up to) 200 seats, flexible space. It has a black box stage of 5.50m by 5m with fore-stage 8m wide and with 2.45 clearance. Wings and backstage crossover providing entrances stage left and right. It has raked seating at the back and flexible seating at the front (chairs, or tables and chairs cabaret style). It is ideal for medium-sized productions and cabaret. 

Very intimate space suitable for small-scale productions and one person shows. It has up to 60 raked seats and an end-on stage of 3.4m x 3m with backstage crossover providing entrances stage left and right.

We can also accommodate discussions or low-tech type shows in our lavishly decorated Committee Room (up to 50 seats), site-specific shows in The Kitchen (up to 30 standing audience) and small puppetry productions in our Mini Theatre - 2m x 2m end on stage (opening 1.6m by 2m) with up to 25 seats.

You can watch a video guide to the venue: Virtual Tour.
and download plans, specs and an application form for each of the theatre spaces here.

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