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Macbeth – Who’s That Bloodied Man

Biuro Podróży

In 2008 Macbeth has already made an international impact. At the Tehran International Festival, Pawel Szkotak was awarded the prize for BEST DIRECTOR. This was then followed up with performances in May at the Bucharest International Shakespeare Festival where the theme was Great Directors. Other directors work included Peter Brook, Robert Wilson, Lev Dodin and Eimuntas Nekrosius.

“A piece of theater so spectacular it could make its effect anywhere”
The New York Sun

World-wide award-winners for their stunning Carmen Funebre, Biuro Podróży presents a visually captivating interpretation of Shakespeare's masterpiece.

Mixing their trade-mark stilts, fire and music with moving metal structures and motorbike chases, they have created a powerhouse of energy and menace. The inspiration for this show came from recent political upheavals where human lives are more and more of less and less value, where death has become an ordinary act of day to day life.

What the press says:

“Biuro Podróży's Macbeth: Who Is That Bloodied Man? is bloody, bold, and resolute, and one of the most electrifying pieces of theatre you'll ever see”
The Herald

“The excellent cast drains the compressed plot of every last drop of menace”
The Independent

“It's one long and exhilarating blast of images wrapped around thundering music, licking flames and wafting smoke”
The Guardian

“Visual poetry in motion”

“Exploring darkness, violence and pessimism, this will live long in the memory”
The List

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