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Ashes to Ashes

by Steve Lambert

Badac Theatre Company

In February 1940, the Nazi government began building the single greatest killing centre ever conceived by mankind. It had within its grounds, four purpose built gas chambers, each equipped with its own crematorium. People were shipped to Auschwitz/Birkenau from all over Europe, either to be gassed on arrival or to be worked to death. At least 1.5 million men, women and children are known to have died there.

Ashes to Ashes is a play about the force of the human soul. It explores the power of spiritual strength in the face of humiliation, fear and death. It is a moving and deeply affecting story which follows the day to day existence of two inmates thrown together into a living hell.

What the press says

“If you are only going to see one play about the Holocaust, in my view it should be this one”

“Ashes to Ashes sheds fresh light on thoughts commonly kept in the darker, seldom visited recesses of modern consciousness”

“Brilliantly intense stuff”

“The power of Ashes to Ashes lies not only in the strength and honesty of the writing and performances but also in the stark simplicity of its handling. Using the most basic of sets, Badac show us the full severity of the violence and degradation visited upon death camp inmates. An extremely effecting piece of work, Ashes to Ashes is shocking without being gratuitous and extremely dramatic in its stripped bare method of production.”


Running time 1hr 10mins  (no interval)

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